In Congress, Ben will get things done by standing up to special interests and putting the people first. Every day, Ben will fight to fiercely protect liberty and freedom, preserve our national security, foster a prosperous and thriving NC economy, build strong communities and deliver a better future for our children.

Supporting Our Military

Through five terms in the NC Senate, Ben worked to make NC the most veteran-friendly state by passing legislation to protect retiree income from state income taxes, making civilian licensure easier for service members leaving active duty, and protecting NC military installations from base closures. As a member of Congress, Ben will fight to secure adequate funding for active duty service members and veterans and fully fund the VA. Our veterans fought for us, Ben will fight for them.


Women and Families

The pandemic drove women out of the workforce in unprecedented numbers. In Congress, Ben will fight for paid family leave, support for caregivers, Pre-K for working families, and increased pay for teachers and childcare workers. Women are the nucleus of our families, Ben will fight to ensure that the American economy does not leave women behind.


Support for Farmers

Farmers are the backbone of this nation and represent a significant portion of our district. One bad crop can be devastating for farmers, especially those with smaller farms. In Congress, Ben will fight for all farmers, making sure they are fairly compensated and protected against catastrophic losses due to no fault of their own. Farmers rise early and stay up late to ensure Americans have fresh and healthy food on the table. They deserve a Congressman who will fight for them.


Protecting the Environment

NC is rich in natural resources. Our beaches, mountains, lakes, and parks are among the most beautiful in the world. Ben will fight for our environment, for clean drinking water, for lakes and oceans free from discarded trash, and for clean energy. Ben will fight to grow the economy while protecting our natural resources and ensuring that we leave a better planet for our children.


Protecting our Democracy

Since his first day as an Air Force officer, Ben has held dearly his oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic, and to bear true faith and allegiance to the same. In Congress, he will continue to defend this great nation by passing legislation to protect the integrity of our elections from bad actors, preserve the independence of Congress as a co-equal branch of government as the founders’ intended, and secure the freedom of every American.


Jobs and the Economy

As your representative in Congress, Ben will fight for all workers. Ben will pass legislation to create good jobs at good wages, so that families can put food on the table and a roof over their heads. Ben will work to fund training and licensure programs to help rebuild our middle class. No one should have to take on tens of thousands of dollars in student debt just to earn a degree or certificate that opens the door to a good job. Growing the American economy must be a top priority, and every American should be able to earn a living wage. Ben will fight for that.


Healthcare Access

Every American should have access to quality healthcare. Our senior citizens worked to build this country. None of them should have to decide between buying medicine or paying their bills. Ben will fight to lower the cost of healthcare for seniors and working families. He will fight to keep our rural hospitals open so they can provide quality healthcare – and good-paying jobs – in our rural communities.


Education and Schools

In Congress, Ben will fight to fully fund our schools and provide a sound basic education for every child. Our children are not one size fits all; our schools shouldn’t be either. As your representative in Washington, Ben will fight to preserve local control of our schools.  Parents, teachers, and administrators in each community are the experts on what their schools need to be successful. Ben will support innovative ways to educate our kids, so that – as adults – they can compete in the global economy.